2023 ~ Present

- Cloud partner registration (NAVER / NHN / AMAZON)
- Digital service (cloud) electronic contract procurement agency registration
- Gas detection camera nationalization

2021 ~ 2022

- Acquired Contra LFH Series Innovative Product Designation Certificate
- Developed Korean gas detector in cooperation with Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology
- Acquired ESG Excellent Company Certificate
- Moved office building (Pangyo Office)

2019 ~2020

- Awarded the Minister of Public Procurement Commendation (Proud Women Venturer)
- Awarded the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Excellent Cooperation Company
- Developed and launched A.I security camera
- Acquired the Contra™ Series performance certification from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
- Acquired the Import and Export Safety Management Excellent Company (AEO) certification
- Developed and launched the Contra™ High Brightness LED DLP Cube (LFH Series)
- Awarded the Gyeonggi-do Exemplary Business Activity Commendation